Electrical and Electronic Technology Department:

Electrical and Electronic Technology Department with support from Électricité de France (EDF) and Ecodime has set off a power station simulation laboratory, supplying supply Electric Drives for training equipment, instruction and research purposes.

The department has collaboration with Universitéde Lorraine, L’ÉcoleNationaleSupérieured’Électricitéetde Mécanique (ENSEM) involving graduate research studies. Furthermore, the cooperation with Groupede Recherche en ÉlectrotechniqueetÉlectronique de Nancy (Laboratoire GREEN) resulted in the launch of the energy laboratory laboratory dedicated to research,development, and deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and energy conservation.A number of research papers and scholarly work were disseminated at national and international conferences.

Furthermore, the department offers consultations for varied industries, suggesting solutions and troubleshooting situations which implicate electric motor and drive problems, offering solutions to energy
losses, energy management and conservation, along with energy savings measures. In cooperation with
Schneider Electric Thailand, the Department has created a range of training courses such as the design
and installation of solar panel roof.