Thai-French Innovation Institute (TFII) has been initiated as a supportive Administration Unit for
King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB). The main institutional objective
highlights the improvement of human resources for Thailand’s industrial development. France can obtain a long-term gain regarding the dissemination of modern technology into industry and academia in developing countries, thus bolstering bilateral cooperation for areas of science and technology. Until now, 3 academic cooperation agreements have been endorsed by the representatives from the Thai and French governments

The first agreement was signed on October 13,1991 in Bangkok by the Finance Ministers of Thailand
and France. The undertaking aimed to provide no-chargeassistance for Thailand. The project was carried out through the Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation of Thailand and Le Crédit National of France.

The second agreement, signed between the representatives of Thai and French governments on
December18, 1991 in Paris and once again on January 3,1992 in Bangkok, released the activation endorsement of the project implementation.

The third agreement was signed on October 29, 1991 in Paris between KMUTNB and the French Chamber
of Commerce for the establishment of Thai-French Innovation Center (TFIC), which was promoted afterwards to the Thai-French Innovation Institute (TFII).

In the first 3 years, the establishment project was supported by assistance of Le groupe Air Liquide,
Federation des Industries Mécaniques and France DIDAC. The assistance worth 140-million baht was
in the forms of qualifying machinery; equipment involving welding, automation and simulation in energy
aeronautics electronics and computers. Scholarships offered were categorized as follows: scholarships
for faculty members; visit grants for administrators; scholarship for studying in Aerospace Engineering;
and short-term training grants for disciplines concerning automation, welding and testing, electrical, together with electronics and computer science.

Under the cooperative agreement, the Thai government was accountable for hiring support personnel
and determining 34-million baht budget allocation for the attainment of 8-storey building upon the
3,200 sqm area to be called the Thai-French Innovation Center (TFIC).

On December 26, 2007, the 2007 Statute involving the establishment of KMUTNB was included in the
Ratchakitjanubeksa (Royal Gazette of Thailand), issue 124, section 98 (a). In the meantime the University Council made an announcement of KMUTNB organizational units as dated February 13, 2008, article 4 declaring the establishment of each Faculty, College, Institute, and Center. Then, the Thai-French Innovation Center (TFIC), was promoted to the Thai-French Innovation Institute (TFII), with the equivalent status to a University faculty. The announcement was delivered on the Royal Gazette vol.125 section 684 page 21, dated April 4, 2008.



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