Research and Technology Transfer Department:

Research and Technology Transfer Department was initiated by the local-international collaboration across academia-private sectors such as Ekarat Solar Co. Ltd. and Université de Lorraine. The primary objective is to support research conduct and to present a dual degree doctoral program in the field of Electrical and Energy Engineering. As results, a considerable number of research publications and research-based knowledge have been disseminated in national / international journals and conferences. TFII has long been recognizedas a research partner of the GREEN (Group of Research
in Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Nancy). Afterwards it has set up the Renewable Energy Research Center to expand research studies in the field of renewable energy.

In addition, the department is responsible for laboratories for courses offered in the dual-degree
program in Electrical and Energy Engineering. The services are also available to those students interested
in carrying out research works on renewable energy as well as advanced energy management via energy storage devices.