Welding Technology Department has been supported by L’AIR LIQUIDE Group with regard to
machinery and equipment including automatic welding and plasma cutting machines. Besides, funds weredused to support staff training and professional development. Technology transfer to Thai industries and production of technologists and engineers has been realized via collaborative efforts with experts from Institutde Soudure.

In 2001, the Welding Technology Department has been approved by the Welding Institute of Thailand (WIT) to be authorized for diverse training programs in accordance with the regulations of The International Institute of Welding (IIW). With international acknowledgement since its introduction, IIW has a list of 69 member nations around the world.

Some of the courses offered involve International Welding for Engineers, Welding Technologists,
Welding Specialists, Welding Practitioners, International Welding Inspection Personnel and International
Welders. Other training sessions encompass NDT Testing Methods and Ultrasonic Testing based on
ISO 9712. Essential services testing and calibration, consultation in conjunction with issuance of certifications are also offered.

In 2009, a cooperative agreement was signed between the Welding Technology Department and
IS Industrie (Thailand) Ltd. to facilitate the distribution of technology services such as training, inspection,testing and research conduct.