KMUTNB Educational Philosophy

KMUTNB considers that learning outcome achievement is an influential factor contributing to the KMUTNB graduate attributes. The achievement of learning outcomes is gained through students’ curiosity-driven behavior along with cognitively-induced exploration and practices. Therefore, the general guidelines for “Academic Excellence with Hands-on Experience” conceptual framework in relation to effective educational management were formulated. The notion focuses on an outcome-based education where graduate skill mastery and employability must meet the demands of modern industry, business and society by the end of the educational experience. Cooperative Education, a pedagogical approach integrating classroom-based education and practical workplace experience is implemented. The goal of implementation is to generate potential graduates with work-ready competencies essential for their career. Such desirable graduate skills and attributes feature critical thinking competencies, practical and hands-on viability, innovative and entrepreneurial perspectives, lifelong learning capacity in combination with maintaining professional integrity and work ethical standards.